About Us


Our story began in 2008, after a life changing trip to Kenya, Africa. Taken by its beauty, culture and her love for the people, Carmen Myers founded a non-profit organization to help find sustainable ways to reduce poverty. 

Spending six years working with local communities to help create access to clean water, farming initiatives, livestock replenishment projects, educational opportunities for girls, building classrooms in rural areas, fostering maternal health programs and women's empowerment, we needed to find a real way for men and women to overcome poverty. We set out to build new opportunities for talented artisans who had passion and drive yet lacked access to the global market.

Meyelo was created to transform from traditional aid into a sustainable business model committed to creating lasting change through dignified career opportunities. As a women-led team, we believe both men and women living in Kenya can be leaders when we help to develop, mentor and employ them. We have over 120 artisans who work with us and are building their own small businesses.  

Our model is based on making long term investments for our team members to ensure success. We are a culturally diverse community that honors equality of opportunity. We strive for a work environment that nurtures our staff and creates growth and prosperity for our artisans. 

We believe building opportunity is key for sustainable success. At Meyelo, we're partnering with our artisans in a design driven approach for a brighter future.




When you purchase with Meyelo, you are creating lasting change.