Our Artisans

We measure our success by how the lives of our artisans and their communities improve over time. We work with over 120 artisans during the production of our collections. Our  team are from diverse cultural backgrounds and regions in Kenya. They consist of leather makers, seamstresses, weavers, brass artisans, beading groups, metal casting specialists, word carvers and pattern-makers. Many have been taught their craft through generations.

The Mission

Everyone deserves a fair wage to support themselves and those around them. Our mission is to develop and uplift our artisans through dignified employment for a better future. We invest in local entrepreneurs and provide on-the-ground support to build sustainable livelihoods benefiting families and their communities.

Your Purchase

When you wear our beautifully handcrafted pieces you are changing lives and empowering others while preserving their culture, traditions and master craft. Having access to the global market is a powerful tool for our artisans who partner with us.


Thank you for supporting our artisan partners.