It's All about Kenya

Handmade products are the second-largest economy in the developing world, yet artisans working in this sector are one of the most marginalized. Most in Kenya are limited in their access to the global economy and are trapped in micro-economies, unable to earn enough to support their families.

How We Do It

When we provide training and access to the world market everything changes. In the spirit of entrepreneurship with the drive to succeed, Kenyans embrace new ideas and are building their businesses through the global economy, helping lead themselves out of economic hardship.

The Impact

Through our partnerships, artisans gain tools for longterm success. We train them, create access and provide opportunity. When opportunity is created, people and communities grow. With sustainable work, artisans can feed their families, educate their children, access health care, and employ their community members.


When you create opportunity, people and communities grow stronger and healthier.